Universitat Rovira i Virgili


The research project Eating Matters has completed its fieldwork in Andalusia, Catalonia and the País Valencià. Between June and November 2021 around 20 people -including researchers and support staff- were involved in this work.

The fieldwork consisted of research trips of territorial working teams in different neighbourhoods and municipalities of these three autonomous communities. Throughout the field stays, each team conducted interviews with elderly people, collecting their food diaries over a period of five days. This was complemented with life histories of people over 65. To investigate the situation of the older population from other perspectives, interviews were conducted with key informants (experts, social and health professionals, organisations, and activists) and focus groups were organised.

The choice of the neighbourhoods and municipalities where the fieldwork was carried out considered the objectives of the research and criteria of heterogeneity based on social, demographic, and environmental characteristics.

Foto: Banc d' Aliments de Granada (Andalusia)

Foto: Arnes, Terra Alta (Catalunya)

Foto: Nevera d'una dona de Granada (Andalusia).