Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Doctoral Programme on Anthropology & Communication (DAC)

The general aim of the programme is to provide intense specialization in the theoretical and methodological concepts of Anthropology and Communication. Issues such as transnationality, gender, health, risk and social movements are addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective. The programme provides specializations in Anthropology and Communication. The convergence of several methodologies (ethnography, cinematography, videography and phonography) and theoretical approaches from each discipline gives this doctoral programme added value.

This doctoral programme is the result of the merger of our Doctoral Programme in Anthropology and the Doctoral Programme in Communication of the URV's  Department of Communication Studies. It has two objectives: to improve the  scientific- and academic excellence of existing programmes and to continue evolving towards an interdisciplinary field of research, which just a few years ago seemed unlikely. By reformulating a closed, traditional and rigid map of disciplines and subdisciplines, the new Doctoral Programme in Anthropology and Communication has therefore a short-, medium- and long- term process to explore the increasingly evident intersections among the research interests of researchers in the two departments.

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Contact: Jordi Roca, PhD.  (Coordinator(ELIMINAR))