Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Archive of Catalonia Ethnography Journal

The Archive of Catalonia Ethnography Journal is a publication related to the Departament of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work of the URV since 1982, which after 10 numbers was realesed for the last time in 1999. Then in 2011 through the management of the ITA - Anthropology Association - the original cover design (key in the catalan anthropology) was recovered in a new digital version with the following objectives:

Become an electronic publication that promotes a wide, diverse and grounded academic anthropological research in a theoretical and methodological sense.

Publish articles, reviews, interviews and other materials preferentially of students and members of the research group of DAFiTS. Although it is open to other proposals.

To publicize unpublished research projects and partial results of students who are doing their doctoral thesis registered at the Department.

Occasionally publicize the research carried out by members of the Research Group of DAFiTS (Group for Research in Anthropology and Social Anthropology Group)

Become an organ of expression for a collectively research work raised in medium and long term.

Guidelines for authors here. (catalan only)