Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Our commitment to society

Aware of the social responsibility we have with our environment, our Department has made numerous activities and resources available to the general public.

OPEN ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: These activities are open to citizens, address current social issues of public interest linked to our areas of knowledge (Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work), and generally involve the participation of national and international academic experts. The activities include congresses, seminars, conferences and other events.

DIGITAL VIDEO CHANNEL: The Department's Vimeo channel, created in 2010, provides access to documentaries, interviews, lectures and other audio-visual materials made in the context of our research projects and teaching activities.

ETHNOGRAPHY ARCHIVE OF CATALONIA: This departmental initiative, which dates back to 1977, compiles ethnographic works, guides and other material and resources related to the research conducted by students on our various programmes as well as by our researchers and external members. It contains a computerised catalogue and a large consultation space where other outreach activities, such as presentations or conferences, can be accessed.