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Eating Matters: The Challenges of Inclusive, Healthy and Sustainable Eating for a Better Ageing

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Name of the Project: Eating Matters: The Challenges of Inclusive, Healthy and Sustainable Eating for a Better Ageing

Reference:  PID2019-104253RB-C21

Call: R & D & I Government program oriented to the challenges of society. Ministry of Science and Innovation

Principal Researcher: Mabel Gracia-Arnaiz (URV, subproject 1) and. Cristina Larrea-Killinger (UB, subproject 2)

Period: 1/06/2020 - 31/12/2023

The main objective of this project is to respond to the challenges faced by Spanish society and its institutions in facing the need to achieve a fairer, healthier and more sustainable diet in a context that is far from being politically and socio-economically stable and where precarization has had repercussions on increasing social inequality and worsening the living conditions of the most vulnerable people. This research aims to contribute to transforming social and economic policies to address aging and demographic change, social exclusion and poverty and, at the same time, to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Knowing that food (in)security is fragmented in the Spanish political agenda, this research aims to address it holistically. This places at the center of the debate the various forms of food insecurity that coexist today, their nature and extent, and in particular, how they manifest themselves in one of the groups with the greatest demographic weight and most vulnerable, the elderly. Therefore, food pathways will be analysed from a gender perspective, taking into account their heterogeneity in terms of socio-demographic, economic and environmental variables allowing to reveal socially unequal positions regarding the right to food. In addition to the difficulties, we will examine the type of initiatives focused on or led by older people with the purpose of guaranteeing decent food. We will also explore whether the possible absence of establishments with a diversity of healthy and affordable food increases the difficulties, especially affecting older people in situations of poverty and social exclusion, both in urban and rural areas.

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The objective of the two sub-projects that make up this research is to discover the problems of food (in)security that, affecting the elderly, urgently need to be resolved. We propose to guide the policies of the administrations that today discuss and implement measures to respond to the ambitious challenge of achieving a healthy and sustainable diet for all and at all times.

Contact: Mabel Gracia(ELIMINAR)