Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Towards an archive of the historical memory of the social struggles and vindications of the "mad" movement - Part 2


The project is conceived as a continuation and extension of the project initiated in 2021-22 and seeks to contribute to the recovery of the intangible heritage linked to the social struggles and the associative movement of people with diagnoses of mental health in Catalonia.

An archive that brings together testimonies, images, audiovisual documents, sound archives, etc. relating to the so-called "mad movement".

Based on the contributions and reflections of the protagonists themselves, and in the line of the "mad studies", we seek to generate spaces of recognition and visibility of the social struggles in this field.

The aim is to contribute to the creation of a first historical archive that will permit the dimensioning and recognition of the movement's trajectories, obstacles, tensions, achievements and possible horizons.

A first phase/part of this project materialized in 16 in-depth interviews carried out during 2022 in Catalonia, and an ethnographic approach to the main organisations and collectives in the first person. In this new stage we propose to carry out a second more-in depth study, focused on conducting new interviews, focus groups and analysis of the information obtained in the Barcelonès area, where most of the organisations linked to the movement are based.