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SoCaTel In-4-AHA Twinning

Technical Details

Name of the Project: SoCaTel In-4-AHA Twinning 

Reference: 101017603

Funding: SOCIETAL CHALLENGES Health, demographic change and well-being [EU]

Manager: Blanca Deusdad Ayala, Ph.D

Period: 01/01/22-30/06/22

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The SoCaTel project proposes an approach that cater to the needs of the growing ageing populations in Europe by improving the accessibility, responsiveness, efficiency, transparency, and transferability of social and care services.

The team has developed a useful, transparent and easy-to-use platform for digital co-creation, following a quadruple-helix (QH) approach, in which service users, care professionals, researchers and innovators can collaborate throughout the process. It is based on the first-hand knowledge of the needs of all the people involved and they can choose how to receive or give these services. They have the control to define the outcome of the platform because they are part of the decision-making process.

The SoCaTel platform has performed a Twinning with URV as originator and ISRAA (and older adults' institution in Treviso, Venetto, Italy) as adopter funded by DigitalHealthEurope. Now, SoCaTel is about to start an In-4-AHA Twinning preparation with URV as originator and the Innovation Centre of the Usti Region at the Evanjelista Purkyne University (UJEP, Czech Republic) as adopter.

Meetings with both institutions are being hold involving other regional centres and local authorities in both areas, so as to prepare the adoption of the SoCaTel digital co-creation platform and to find synergies on long-term care needs in these regions.

Main Researcher (URV): Blanca Deusdad

Partners: Innovation Centre of the Usti Region at the an Evanjelista Purkyne University (UJEP, Czech Republic); Social Services from Vilanova i la Geltrú City Council.

Contributors: Tomás Sivicek (Innovation Center of the Usti Region, ICUK, Jean Evangelista Pyrkyne University, UJEP), Marija Djurdjevic (URV); Josep Ranchal (Social Services from Vilanova i la Geltrú city Council), Martin Mata (ICUK).