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Gender rols in mixed couples

Technical Details

Name of the project: Gender roles and interculturality of mixed couples in Spain: a longitudinal qualitative research.

Reference: CSO2015-65531-P

Call: Research and Development Projects, Public Program

Principal Researcher: Jordi Roca i Girona, PhD.

Period: 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2018

The project is part of the baggage that we have been accumulating along three previous projects of the same call that cover a 10- year timeframe [2006-2016] with the objective of overcoming the temporal limitation of its results and documenting the changesand continuities that these couples have experienced in the years since we interviewed them to the present. For this reason, we will connect with the biographical trajectories of a sample of the large number of informants to whom we have interviewed throughout the previous projects, using the Longitudinal Qualitative Research (LQR) methodology.

The main contribution of the LQR is precisely helping to investigate the processes of change and reproduction over time, especially in relation to processes of evolution, transformation or creation of identities. In line with the research carried out in previous projects, the two main units of analysis that we intend to address are the roles linked to gender identity and the negotiation of the cultural identity of the couple as such and the corresponding mixed family to which can give rise.

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