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Immigrant-origin youth resilient strategies against social exclusion

Techincal Details

Project name: Immigrant-origin youth resilient strategies against social exclusion


Principal Investigator: Dra. Claudia María Anleu Hernández

Period: 01/09/2023 - 31/08/2026

Supports: Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work (URV), Chair of Social Inclusion (URV), Medical Anthropology Research Center (URV), Tarragona City Hall i Radio Nikosia.

From a gender approach, this research aims to contribute to the knowledge of immigrants’ sons and daughters from a different perspective, based on people’s resilience, topic that has little studied in Spain. We believe that identifying their strengths is a way of recognizing them as subjects with agency, with capacity for transformation and, at the same time, it can be a tool to achieve more holistic social intervention processes. This is a project with an applied orientation, from a multidisciplinary approach (anthropology, communication and social work) and contrary to the risk paradigm frequently used.

The main objective of the project is to identify and analyze the resilience developed by immigrant-origin youth living in Catalonia to face situations and processes of social exclusion

We seek to learn from their coping process for promoting and adapt it within intervention projects and/or programs with those currently living similar experiences.

The study will be carried out in Catalonia. Participants will be immigrant-origin youth and social intervention professionals working with young people of immigrant origin.

The research techniques selected to collect information will be life stories, discussion groups/participatory workshops and the analysis of the discourses of their social networks. In addition, interviews will be carried out with  professionals working in social intervention projects and/or programs addressed to youngsters from immigrant families.

Contact: Dra. Claudia Anleu Hernández(ELIMINAR)

Project PID2022-137542OA-I00 funded by: