Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Research team

Jordi Roca Girona (Principal Researcher), Professor in the Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work of the University Rovira i Virgili. From the totality of its research activity, it is necessary to emphasize the continuity in relation to the publications and to the participation in research projects from the obtaining of the title of doctor in 1992. From this moment he has published an average of three or four annual publications. Since 1992 he has been participating in research projects of the National R & D & I Plan, until 2006 as a member of different research teams, and as of this year as Principal Researcher. The assumption of the role of Principal Investigator of various R & D projects and of other competitive competitions has led to initiating and leading a research line, which is now fully consolidated (with four consecutive National Plan projects), with the corresponding creation of a large team of researchers of different profiles and specialties. It is a line of research of an innovative nature, centered in the study of the so-called mixed couples and migrations for love, of which we are pioneers in Spain and whose work we have contributed to make the study and the data on this phenomenon in Spain in a good position in the context of the international bibliography.

Marta Allué  Graduated in Geography and History, Master in Anthropology of Medicine and PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Rovira i Virgili University. She is part of the Association Dret a Morir Dignament (DMD-Catalunya) and of KREAMICS, Association of Catalonia affected by burns. She is the author of, among others, Far Loves. Stories of transnational couples (co-author J. Roca, 2016); Losing the Skin [(2015) 1996], The restless patient. Health care services and citizenship (2013); Tanned skin (2008); DisCapacitados. The claim of equality in difference (2003) and Sauver sa Peau (1996).

Claudia María Anleu Hernández Ph.D on Migrations and Social Mediation by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) and Adjunct Professor of the same university. She holds a degree in social work from Rafael Landívar University. She studied the Master in Social Psychology and Political Violence at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala and the Master in Migration and Social Mediation (URV), ending in 2010 with the research "Binational marriages: A multisituado study of Guatemalan people married to people Foreigners ". Most of her experience is based on action research and participatory methodology. For seven years (1998-2005) she worked in the psychosocial care for victims of the armed conflict lived in his country, within the NGO Guatemalan League of Mental Hygiene. She has co-authored three published researches on missing children. "Hasta un encontrarte" (2000), "De Barro y de Hierro" (2002), "Corazones en fiesta" (2005). More recently, she has participated as a researcher with Dr. Roca as IP, in the project of the Catalan Institute of Women. O-43/10 "Gender relations in mixed couples living in rural and urban areas of the Tarragona countryside. A study of Catalan women and men paired with foreigners" (2010-2011). At the moment his lines of investigation besides mixed pairs are the resilience, Latin American migrations and political violence.

Verónica Anzil Graduated in Anthropology from the National University of La Plata, Argentina, in 1990. In June 1991, she completed the DEA in Sociology, Sociological Orientation of Culture and Social Change, at the University Paris VII-Jussieu (Paris, France). Years later, she completed the DEA in Urban Anthropology at the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain), and defended his doctoral thesis in 2012, obtaining the mention Excellent Cum laude, as well the Extraordinary Doctorate Award. Her participation in the various R + D + I projects led by Dr. Roca and financed by state bodies after a competitive call continues to the present. This participation has allowed her to publish several articles and a book chapter (together with other members of the research team), as well as participation in congresses and workshops.


Marija Djurdjevic Graduated in Philology from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) and a Ph.D of Humanities from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She is co-founder of the Casa de l'Est Association, dedicated to the promotion of cultural dialogue with the countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Her research work in this association revolves around issues related to borders and identities in Europe, trans-European migrations and intercultural dialogue between East and West. With the Rovira i Virgili University she has been collaborating since 2006 in the framework of Dr. Jordi Roca's projects on migrations for love, focusing specifically on inter-European mixed marriages, as well as on general topics such as critical cosmopolitanism and interculturality in love contexts.

Laia Folguera Cots PhD on Sociology from the University of Barcelona and is an adjunct Professor of Sociology. She has specialized courses on gender sociology and research techniques at several prestigious universities abroad: University of Essex (UK), University of California, Berkeley (USA) and Harvard University (Boston). She published the book "Longitudinal Qualitative Research" (2014) within the collection " Quaderns Metodològics". She participated as a coordinator and evaluator of proposals in different Sociology Congresses related to the field of Sociology of Sexuality and, in parallel, has participated as a speaker in different Scientific Symposiums. She is part of the GRISA Consolidated Research Group (Applied Social Research Group -in catalan).

Cristina García Moreno PhD on Urban Anthropology Urbana (Rovira i Virgili Univ., 2011), excellent cum laude and Extraordinary Doctorate Award. Bachelor in Sociology (Autonomous Univ. of Barcelona, 2002) and on Social Work (Univ. of Barcelona, 1995). She teaches at URV since 2003. Postdoctoral stays at Univ. Moulay Ismaïl (Morocco), at Univ. Estadual de Campinas (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and at Univ. of La Habana (Cuba). Researcher in different projects related to gender issues, migrations and transnational trajectories. In 2013, she received the Award of Academic Activity by the Rovira i Virgili University. Current external evaluator of CSIC's publications related to Colecciones CSIC. Her actual research lines are: Transnational migration; Cuban migration; migration and gender; migrations for love and mixt marriages (bi-nationals, transnational sentimental relationships).

Sofia Gaspar Graduated in sociology in 1997 at ISCTE-IUL (Portugal) and completed a PhD in sociology in 2005 at Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). Her PhD dissertation has received the Extraordinary Award for the best thesis written on 2005 at the UCM. In 2008, she received a post-doctoral grant by FCT for the project Dynamics and Types of Conjugality among European Bi-national Couples (2008-2014) hosted at CIES-IUL. In 2010, she completed a post-graduation in Data Analysis in Social Sciences at ISCTE-IUL. In 2012, she obtained funding as Principal Investigator from a call of FCT, for the project Trends and Patterns of Binational Marriages in Portugal (1988-2011). In addition to this research, in 2014 she has also obtained funding from a call of the High Commission for Migration (ACM) as Principal Investigator for the project Evolution and Profiles of divorces in binational couples in Portugal (1988-2013), funded by FEINTP.

Yvonne Riaño social geographer who specialises in questions of highly skilled migration, social inequality and gender. She is a a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Geography of the University of Neuchâtel and a research project leader at the National Centre of Competence in Research "The Migration-Mobility Nexus", situated at the Swiss Forum for Migration Studies (SFM). She received her PhD in Geography from the University of Ottawa (Canada) in 1996 and has since taught and supervised students at the Universities of Bern, Graz and Ottawa. Among her contributions to migration research are: studies of women's motivation to migrate from the perspective of geographical imaginations; inquiries on how the gender, ethnicity and class of skilled migrant and nonmigrant women and men intersect to shape their professional integration; investigations of the transnational social networks of Latin American migrants using multi-sited ethnography; analysis of the return experiences of undocumented migrants from the perspectives of their social, economic and cultural capital, inquiry into the moblities and labour-market integration of international students, examination of immigration and migrant integration policies from a gender perspective, and her development of a novel participatory MINGA method for co-producing knowledge with migrant populations.

Ana Rebeca Urmeneta Garrido Graduated in sociology from the Academia de Humanismo Cristiano (Santiago de Chile) and a PhD on sociology from the University of Barcelona. In addition, she has a postgraduate specialization in socio-educational care awarded by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She currently works as an adjunct professor at the University of Girona and, independently, as a data analyst and methodological adviser. Since January 2010, she has collaborated with Dr. Jordi Roca of the Rovira i Virgili University as a researcher on two R & D + I projects on mixed couples between Spanish and foreigners and the gender relations derived from them. Within the framework of these projects, in 2011 she conducted a research stay at the University of Campinas (Brazil) to analyze the case of Spanish-Brazilian couples. She has participated in several national and international congresses related to this subject.

Roxana Yzusqui Ríos Graduated in Law and Political Science from the University of Lima (2007) and PhD on Migrations and Social Mediation from the  Rovira i Virgili University (2016). She held specialization courses in International Human Rights Law at the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (2008) and the Master in Migration and Social Mediation at the Rovira i Virgili University (2010). Her lines of research focus on international migration and human rights. She is currently a lawyer specialized in foreigners and family law, and member of the Section of Foreigners Law of the Lawyer Association of Tarragona.