Universitat Rovira i Virgili

External Practices

In the social work curricula there are several practical subjects posed as an integrated practicum. The practical training of students is developed from four subjects that require the articulation of organizational structures: the Practicum Intervention, Social Research, Clinical Social Work Supervision and a final degree completion. It proposes a system of practices that articulate intervention and research. The proposal is based on the need for coordination and complementarity between the intervention and research. The four subjects are interrelated, drawing a route that enables students to acquire specific skills of the professional profile defined in the memory of degree, so these subjects work and evaluates all competitions, although they work transversely in other degree subjects.

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Collaborate with us: Creu Roja, Càritas, Fundació e Institut Pere Mata, Institut Municipal de Serveis Socials de Tarragona, Casa d'Acollida de Dones Maltractades del Tarragonès. Fundació Assistència i Gestió, Departament de Benestar i Família de la Generalitat de Catalunya, entre altres